“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.
As we liberate ourselves from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others”

Marianne Williamson

Cat Duval



“Happiness is an art accessible to all but only realised by some. My mission is to help people drop their blocks and rock what they’ve got!  I’m excited to speak as a catalyst for change in business culture and share peaceful practices that support people and planet. I live an active and social life in Brighton and love to move my body. I paddleboard often, completed my first triathlon this year and if I could spend every day at an Acroyoga jam I would. I am a jovial person, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I dance like an old skool raver!”

Cat is a wellbeing consultant, senior yoga teacher trainer and founder of Nine Lives Yoga, which is all about connecting people and offering mindfully happy healing, with lasting impact on mental health, communication and performance.

Cat pioneered the Yoga Rave which she now tours internationally which has given rise to a yoga hen party company where she has a team of teachers running wellbeing parties. She gives talks and facilitates workshops and courses in her 4 Pillars of Happiness Method™ and Social Yoga techniques for Fortune 500 clients, media and broadcasting companies, NHS staff, young homeless people with the Clocktower Sanctuary and for clients at mental health hospital Elysium. She is passionate about social inclusion and is launching a Social Yoga teacher training soon.

Cat has worked with upwards of 25,000 clients offering transformational collaborative yoga techniques and personal development coaching. During the summer Nine Lives Yoga tour all over the UK and Scandinavian festival circuit offering an inspired take on yoga and wellbeing with an emphasis on connecting people. Cat thrives on the capacity of science and spirituality to come together and help us hack happiness and live life in a state of flow.










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I have always been a gregarious, outgoing and jovial person who loves to lift others and get things moving. I’m both a strong and sensitive type with an openly expressive and loving nature and its taken some years to find peace with the yin and yang balance within myself.

I was a Hackney London girl with both Mum and Dad working in film.  When I was 11 the family moved to Hurstpierpoint in the heart of Sussex where I stuck out like a sore thumb. I went from being the leader of the pack to a severely bullied teen with my self worth and self esteem stashed somewhere at the bottom of my boots. These years were a double life of in-school mute and outside school a gregarious thespy type. My coping strategies for my low self worth were bravado and workaholism and that led to some conventional success. But behind the scenes I suffered from social anxiety and waves of depression due in no small part to my nocternal lifestyle working in the music and events industry. It wasn’t until I began my yoga journey in 2002 that I began the long road of learning to express my vulnerabilities and gentleness without apology or overcompensating with forceful drive. I allowed myself to love being an ambitious, outgoing, intelligent and sensitive woman, and now I find the more I accept myself as I am, the more the world does too.

I am fascinated by how ancient practices that show we can liberate ourselves from “negative bias” are being increasingly validated by modern science. We have the capacity to align our thoughts, words and deeds according to our values. As we take more responsibility and become more consciously aware, we get to choose what we entertain and what we create in our lives. I have always been entrepreneurial and self motivated in driving creative ideas forward. I love supporting clients to focus attention on their holistic happiness and watch them invest in their dreams and turn them into successful projects.

I speak on all things wellbeing from yoga and meditation to the science of happiness and igniting our potential. My dark times have given me insight and I use humour to make the heavy personal development stuff palatable.  My talks are always interactive and relational.  Scroll up for more info on speaking.

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