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I coach neurospicy freelancers, female entrepreneurs and queer founders to get in flow from burnout to brilliance so that they transform workaholism into wild inspiration, unmask their authentic selves, and attune their attention with intention.

The 4 Pillars of Happiness pathway takes an honest look at where you’re at, where you’re going and makes sure you pack light for the journey.

You can work with me in three ways:


Move from burnout to brilliance and put happy habits at the heart of your daily rhythm with Cat as your coach.


No human’s an island. Make lasting changes more easily. Celebrate, support and inspire each other as a community.


Yoga with a team building twist. Boost fitness, build trust and laugh a lot. With a growth mindset we achieve great things.

What’s it all about?


Thanks for showing up. I’m glad you’re here. You work so hard and give so much. Your head is full of ‘shoulda-woulda-couldas’ when it comes to best-practice in everything. But it means you tend to grind yourself into the ground. Nothing motivates you more than making a positive difference. But in the context of the world headlines right now, it all feels pretty overwhelming. The status quo’s gotta go. It’s time for change in a big way and you want to be part of the solution.

The good news is your mindset is the single most powerful thing that will get you there. And you can shift that. As long as you take the time to clock the BS ‘unwanted/unworthy’ stories – we all carry those around – and they keep us stuck in a loop. Working with me you can let that go, change your state to gratitude and transform your mindset to open you up to freedom and adventure.

The techniques in this course distill the most powerful personal development tools and practices I’ve come across in 17 years of practicing yoga and meditation, ten years of teaching and running my own business and 5 years of coaching clients across 11 countries.  This course is powerful and structured while giving you freedom to find your flow.

Is this for me?


  • You think differently and want a coach who can play to your strengths

  • You are at a pivotal point in your life and are ready to shift unhelpful patterns

  • You want to ease your busy mind and regulate your nervous system on demand

  • You want body doubling accountability and emotional and practical support in your process

  • You’re fascinated by the science of happiness


Calm your mind, move your body, let go of the past so you can embrace the present moment.


Clarify what and who empowers you and how you step into your power.


Align your actions with your values and your vision.


Be playful in your attitude to balance challenge with creativity and find your state of flow


Calm your mind, move your body, let go of the past so you can embrace the present moment.


Clarify what and who empowers you and how you step into your power.


Align your actions with your values and your vision.


Be playful in your attitude to balance challenge with creativity and find your state of flow

Meet Your Coach

I’m a wellbeing consultant and creator of the 4 Pillars of Happiness method. I love my rocket yoga, dancing to awesome tunes and exploring wild nature. I’m climate conscious and politically engaged and I love a good book. I’m a keen cyclist and did my first triathlon last year and loved it. I’m aiming for my first Olympic tri this year.  My work is about building connection. To ourselves, to each other. Dropping the front that keeps us feeling separate, and focus on what bonds us together and do more of it.

I use both scientific and spiritual tools in my work. We are living in amazing times, where neuroplasticity, movement and meditation practices have been scientifically proven to make lasting impacts on our wellbeing and our success in life. I’m on a mission to read, practice, absorb and share the best of the best. Tools that work. To help you shape your life in the direction of your dreams. I’m excited for what we can create together.


“My work with Cat helped me sweep away the cobwebs of forgotten dreams and reawaken exciting plans and goals. Her unique style of coaching cleared my mind and got me in touch with my body. I’m super excited to work with such a powerful coach and teacher.”

Shola Kaye

Voice Coach and Singer

“Cat is a total powerhouse. She drives projects through to completion. As a yoga teacher and facilitator she is a force of nature, making everything joyous and fun as she takes you on a road to evolve your way of being.”

Melvyn Carlisle

Director, Mind Body Spirit Festival

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What are my next steps?

Morning Ritual Club

Learn more about neurological wiring for happiness, and use neuroplasticity to prime your mind for growth and expansion. Shed unhelpful patterns and play to your strengths. Be intentional about where you put your energy and time, and create more space in your schedule for joy! Cat guides you in movement and mobility practices that help you progress faster. Align your thoughts, words, and deeds so you focus on the actions that pursue your dreams. Elevate your conscious awareness so you are open to opportunities and awake to synchronicities because you now believe in yourself and see what becomes possible.

Coaching Course

Deep dive coaching course with Cat to break through limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits and embody the 4 Pillars of Happiness practices into your life! Cat’s coaching is engaged, empowering, and action-oriented to help give you momentum and accountability. Explore transformational tools from multi-modalities including movement, yoga, and meditation, to entrepreneurial growth mindset. Use this to align the body, mind, and heart and ignite the spirit of your best self.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How It Works!
Is this a yoga course?
Yes and more. This is a personal development course that uses a multitude of techniques that cross over fields of physiological fitness, psychological wellbeing, emotional release and energetic alignment. Cat is a senior yoga teacher so the content of the course takes great inspiration from the eight limbs of yoga including meditation practice. As part of the course you have the opportunity to work with Cat to tailor a personalised yoga and meditation routine to refine and deepen your practice. Cat is trained in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Acroyoga, Partner Yoga, Family and Kids Yoga, pregnancy yoga, NLP, Hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation, positive visualization and thai yoga massage she also practices Rocket Yoga and Ashtanga yoga.
What other techniques are used within the course?
Cat draws on her training and experience to offer you a toolbox of techniques and practices to suit where you are at and what your goals are for the course. Some examples of tools on top of the yoga and meditation are:


  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
  • Pranayama (Breathwork)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping
  • The H’oponopono Method (forgiveness practice)
  • TRE or ‘shaking’
  • Neuro-inguistic programming (NLP)
  • Timeline therapy techniques
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Embodied Cognition
  • Decluttering
  • Money Mindset
  • Deeksha
  • Positive visualisation
  • Vision boarding
  • Goal setting tools
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to create a business canvas
  • Creating a Value Proposition
  • Business strategy
  • Creating a Morning Rituals
  • Cat’s Embodied Goals theory
  • Cat’s Prana theory
  • Energy management over time management
  • Nutrition Awareness
  • Cardio Exercise Regime
  • Wheel of Wellbeing
Is there a difference between the content of the retreat and the 12 week course?
The core structure and content of the 4 Pillars of Happiness is the same, however each format has different benefits. Each of the 4 pillars have three sub-themes which come with exercises, recordings and multi media supporting materials.

The 8 day retreat offers a complete immersion away from your daily life pressures so you can dive deep into the course and focus solely on that for the whole time. The retreat centre is out in nature with views of the mountains and opportunities to go walking, cycling and sitting in the meditation garden or by the pool and so doubles as a personal development holiday abroad.

The 12 week course offers you the chance to absorb the course content over a longer period of time so you can integrate the practices in your day to day life. You can dive deeper as you have a 3 weeks to cover the content we have a day to cover on the retreat.

Where you can go for walks in the stunning Pyrenees on the retreat, on the 12 week course, you can continue your normal life and add the practices to your daily routine so as to integrate them into a long term lifestyle.

What is the course schedule?
The structure of the 4 Pillars of Happiness has 3 sub-themes in each pillar. Each theme has a workshop or coaching session with supportive materials and multi-media recordings to support it.

Contact time on the retreat is an annual 8 day experience with Cat and supporting teachers in Spain once a year for up to 16 participants in shared accommodation on stunning yoga retreat centre House of Light here.

The 12 week programme runs twice a year and enrollment happens in September for Oct- Dec and Jan for Feb- April. The contact time is 12 x weekly 90 minute coaching sessions on Zoom or face to face in Brighton. The content for this includes weekly coursework emailed to your inbox with links to supporting materials, exercises, recordings and articles of interest.

More info can be found on their respective pages on this website coming soon:

  1. Retreat
  2. Course
How personal is the coaching?
One to One Coaching: 5 places per enrollment – 90 mins per week. 13 weeks including consultation. Coaching sessions are private and dedicated to you 100%.

Group Coaching: 10 places per enrollment – 13 weeks including consultation. Group coaching 90 mins per week bringing key challenges, with periodic opportunities to be in the hot-seat and receive intensive group coaching on a key issue.

Retreat: 12 with single occupancy, 16 with shared occupancy – 8 days contact time. Group coaching in workshop format. Retreat clients each have 1 x 15 min personal coaching with Cat before the retreat and face to face contact over the 8 day retreat.

Our recruitment process ensures everyone on the course are highly motivated and inspired individuals who will serve as a valuable asset to our tribe.

How do I book?
To ensure you and Cat are a coaching match made in heaven, our next step is to ask you to book your FREE discovery call:

Chat with Cat

Once you have done that you can pay a nonrefundable deposit of £222 and we will send you your registration questionnaire on receipt of funds.

Does the price include travel?
No, for both options. Travel costs are extra but airport transfers can be arranged.
What are the terms and conditions?
Please read the Terms and Conditions on our website.

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