Strategy Session

So Tell Me, What’s Your Dream? 

Overcome blocks and get into action

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says – I’m possible” Audrey Hepburn

What we think we become. Yet so many dreams go unrealised due to us putting the blocks of ‘not possible’ in the way of them. The difference between a dream and reality is acknowledging your sabotages and aligning your action play to your STRENGTHS!

It doesn’t need to be a daily battle.  When you are in alignment – things flow with ease and grace!

And I’m here to help you get there. 

  • Got some big ideas but feeling overwhelmed by ‘the how’ and want to streamline and focus?  

  • Want to overcome your money blocks and attract clients who value your time and your worth? 

  • Want to build confidence getting visible so you can help more people? 

  • Want to streamline your offerings and tier your pricing structure?

release your mental blocks and find your flow

These one off clarity sessions are designed to help you take authentic action

on your vision right now!

Whether you want to create clear structure, give yourself direction or dive deeper into that creative space to flesh out your ideas – pick my brains for inspiration to help you progress to take the next right step in your action plan.

These strategy sessions are intended as a quick shot of clarity or inspiration to help you get into action. 

Perhaps you have loads of wonderful connections with people but you make friends so easily you find yourself constantly undercharging and over-delivering or offering endless mates rates for friends and family or get trapped in constantly offering promotions – I can help you look at ways you can use your gift of connecting to your professional advantagefor the benefit of everyone

If you have an abundance of ideas and creations but feel scattered in all directions then I’ve been there – I can help you! If you struggle with confidence to put yourself out there, I can help you decide the next right action for you that with make the biggest impact.

Monetizing your art is a skill you can learn

We are living in the age of financial freedom so use your creativity to take advantage of that fact! 

If you are prone to perfectionism procrastination you are probably have loads of goals and an overwhelming sea of tasks on Asana/ Trello and in your notebook already!  I can help you simplify your list, choose your next right step and take inspired action so you can stat ticking things off right away!  Your standard of ‘OK’ is better than most peoples ‘epic’ – so for you one of my favourite motto’s apply – done is way better than perfect!  

These sessions are solutions focussed and designed to fuel your inspiration – to get into action.  They are designed to draw out your motivations, gain clarity and direction. 

They will be hosted on zoom and are on a limited time offer, they may not be around for long.


Don’t take my word for it, here is what my clients have to say:

My work with Cat helped me sweep away the cobwebs of forgotten dreams and reawaken exciting plans and goals. Her unique style of coaching cleared my mind and got me in touch with my body. I’m super excited to work with such a powerful coach and teacher.”

Shola Kaye

Speaker, Trainer, Public Speaking Voice Coach | Shola Kaye |

Cat has a passion for her industry that is infectious and touches all the people around her. Her unique ways of doing “quirky” things in different environments shows her multi-level communicating skills as she can reach the corporate or the individual.”

Terry Elston

Managing Director, Trainer and Coach | NLP World |

Want to shake off the sabotage of procrastination and feel that ease of flow when you are empowered and inspired?

Thats just what these one off sessions are for!

release your mental blocks and find your flow

These one off clarity sessions are designed to help you take authentic action

on your vision right now!


Go Deeper and check out my range of courses:

Business Bootcamp

12 weeks to transform your business mindset, demystify key aspects of running a successful, thriving business and bringing it into balance and alignment with your life vision as a whole.  Our Complete Life Vision Package is all inclusive offering all these options together. 

Mastermind Connection

Join an energised tribe of inspiring doers to empower eachother to grow, learn and thrive. Receive challenge and support with your blind spots and to evolve as an entrepreneur. Our Mastermind group meet every month and commit for 6 months at a time. 

Embodied Goals Workshop

Get clear on your vision, mission and purpose and for the 9 key areas of wellbeing. Balance your business goals with how you choose to evolve as a person and bring it in balance with your whole life vision long term. This workshop enables you to create your life vision on purpose.

Complete Life Vision

This combines all 4 threads together into a transformational 6 month programme.  Clarify your complete life vision in alignment with your aspirations as a person.  Step up to envision who you choose to be in 9 key aspects of living from your character development to your health and fitness, your spiritual practice and your learning goals. Give purpose to your priorities this year and dive into a community of people just like you.  This package includes 2 x strategy sessions, 3 x Embodied Goals workshops, 6 month membership to the Mastermind Group, 12 weeks intensive Business Bootcamp and one BONUS MODULE around creating your Complete Life Vision!

release your mental blocks and find your flow

These one off clarity sessions are designed to help you take authentic action

on your vision right now!