Courses and Services

Complete Life Vision

Balance all areas of your life with vision.  Combine all 4 threads together to create one completely life changing 6 month programme.  Clarify your complete life vision in alignment with your key aspirations as a human being.  We focus on 9 areas of wellbeing from your character development to your health and fitness, your spiritual practice and your travel and learning goals. Give purpose to your priorities this year and connect with a buzzing community of people just like you.

Strategy Session

One off one to one coaching sessions that offer you personalised focussed attention to your challenge and help you gain clarity and direction in your next right steps.  These are solutions focussed and can explore any aspect of your life or business that feels blocked right now.

Embodied Goals Workshop

Get clear on your vision, mission and purpose and for the 9 key areas of wellbeing. Balance your business goals with how you choose to evolve as a person and bring it in balance with your whole life vision long term. This workshop enables you to create your life vision by balancing 9 areas of wellbeing and combining business strategy with meditation with neuroscience. 

Mastermind Connection

Join an energised tribe of inspiring doers to empower eachother to grow, learn and thrive. Receive challenge and support with your blind spots and to evolve as an entrepreneur. Our Mastermind group meet every month and commit for 6 months at a time.

Business Bootcamp

12 weeks to transform your business mindset, demystify key aspects of running a successful, thriving business and bringing your purpose into balance with the practicalities.  This 12 week course can be booked on it’s own or drawing all 4 threads together under one Complete Life Vision.