What does success look like for you?


Is it bringing happiness to the people you care about, is it feeling fit and healthy, travelling, brining connection to self and higher consciousness, or healing yourself and others of physical ailments, is it collaborating and creating big projects, is it setting up a school or centre, or solving a specific problem in our society that causes pain to people.

In being human we first want to learn what works for ourselves and next we want to share the message of what worked for us with others. Trouble is, what hinders our capacity to be effective so often is a lack around either money, or the capacity we have to handle growth. We max ourselves out until we have nothing left – give, give give…crash. 

When you run your own wellbeing business, self care can be an added pressure, rather than a relief sometimes.  

This course looks at that, what resources you have, your mindset, what you need to succeed in your mission, and what tools are available to help you get there. There a shared principles of success mindset, and practices that make business easier. They are out there, they are totally possible. And now there is one specifically designed for you.  As long as you are a wellbeing professional that is 😉

We all live in the real world.So lets get real about business. 

It’s all very well spreading a message of fitness, love and light but if we can’t invest in the things that help our lives grow it leaves us limited in what we can do – if you preach happiness but haven’t had a holiday in ten years there is only so much authenticity you can portray. You deserve to be able to live by your principles, and flourish from them.

Business schools are often a stiff places with lots of grey suits and vanilla looking attitudes that puts profit before people. You are not like that. You put people first. But is doesn’t need to be an either or choice. You can run a kick ass business and have tattoos these days, you can be consciously awake and run an efficient lean and profitable business.


90% of entrepreneurial businesses fail due to lack of business competence 

not a lack of worth, or talent

We are talking skills that anyone can learn

Most entrepreneurs are fantastic experts in their field but not so versed in what is required to create a successful business. And that is why they fail.

The UK Health and Wellbeing industry was worth 2.6 billion pounds last year alone, so wellbeing professionals have huge capacity to prosper – yet many are struggling to get above the poverty line.

There is a knowledge gap and a need for professional support for wellbeing practitioners from people who understand the industry.

This course is intended to share key tools and practices in a way that is relatable and applicable straight away. It’s designed by and for experienced yoga teachers and body workers, who are motivated to inspire healthier and happier lives, alleviate tension in body, mind and soul address real issues social such as stress, anxiety, depression and isolation

It is noble and worthwhile and deeply rewarding work – but that alone is not enough to thrive in this world. Not all of us can be monks in the mountains! Living in the modern day world has it’s challenges to apply ancient healing practices and you have dedicated your life to making these translatable, and sharing these vital tools to heal the world. 

And that deserves as much as anyone the self respect of making an income where you can buy a house, send your kids to the school of your choice, travel for fun as well as work, explore bigger projects because you have money to invest in it!   

That is a truly fair exchange of energy and there is no shame in wanting that. In fact, your capacity for change is much wider when you have money to invest in making positive impact in the world.

This course is intended to elevate the capacity of us as individuals to lift our collective game as an industry to help humanity thrive and truly shift the paradigm on our work ethic and embody the 4 pillars of happiness. To truly be professionals ad catalysts in heart-centred business


  • Are you starting out as a teacher or therapist professionally and you want to get your key elements in place to set yourself up for success?

  • Do you love to be in service of your clients but you are suffering burnout?

  • You know there is a third way – you want to keep the heart of your business true to your values and not sell out, but you also don’t feel it’s fair to live on the breadline anymore!


  • You know money can be a tool for good when it’s used wizely and you are someone who is truly motivated to make positive social change – so lets unleash your capacity to match the energy you put with the money and value you receive in return! 


  • You are established but you get overwhelmed juggling your time teaching and with clients face to face with the administrative side and want to get more efficient at things like managing your enquiries and turning them into paying customers or setting up a tiered pricing structure.

This course will give you a safe space to explore this, refine your business head and get straight talking about what works and what doesn’t with a committed community of like-minded professionals.

You will walk away with a paradigm shift on how you see business not only a clear vision and set of goals but the practical knowledge and tools to apply that can support you to excel in your field and create a movement towards big social change


This is about making your lifestyle fit your vision, and create a business that truly lifts your game, and get honest and frank about what keeps you on the poverty line, and what beliefs you have that will help and hinder youlet go what holds you back and elevate your ability to fulfil your calling and create a win/win for the world and for you!

You deserve to receive as much as you give! 

Now is your time, and you are ready for the next step! 

release your mental blocks and find your flow.

Join your tribe

Get the support you have been looking for

Grow and thrive as a business in 2019



Business Bootcamp

12 weeks to transform your business mindset, demystify key aspects of running a successful, thriving business and bringing it into balance and alignment with your life vision as a whole.

Strategy Session

One off one to one coaching sessions that offer you personalised focussed attention to your challenge and help you gain clarity and direction in your next right steps.  These are solutions focussed and can explore any aspect of your life or business that feels blocked right now.

Mastermind Connection

Join an energised tribe of inspiring doers to empower eachother to grow, learn and thrive. Receive challenge and support with your blind spots and to evolve as an entrepreneur. Our Mastermind group meet every month and commit for 6 months at a time.

Embodied Goals Workshop

Get clear on your vision, mission and purpose and for the 9 key areas of wellbeing. Balance your business goals with how you choose to evolve as a person and bring it in balance with your whole life vision long term. This workshop enables you to create your life vision on purpose.